We often try to imagine our future. Imagining the future of our society or humanity is an even more fascinating endeavour. Ciprian Stanescu, founder of Innovations for Tomorrow accepted this challenge and he explained in his talk how the next 100 years will look like at TEDxEroilor.

”100 years from now we see a world in which science is starting to replace natural selection evolution with evolution by intelligent design. It is the first time in over 4 billion years. We move from an organic slow evolution to an inorganic fast evolution with an unknown number of results.”

Find out more about how the world could look like:

Don’t stay foolish. Stay curious!

Ciprian founded Innovations for Tomorrow, a series of conferences having future as a central topic, scrutinizing its meanings in development of humanity. Also, he teaches futurism at The Entrepreneurship Academy and he is Partnerships Manager at Ashoka Romania, the biggest NGO in the world supporting social innovators.

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